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Redistribute your Java projects as executable files
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Jar2Exe Wizard is a solution to redistribute Java applications. It simplifies the process of starting Java programs by creating executable files out of JAR archives. In this regard, it is very convenient that the resulting binary file can automatically find Java Runtime Environment on the host computer without user intervention. Fortunately, the tool supports creating programs for not only Windows but Linux and MacOSX as well.

Despite the evident complexity of distributing applications, a wizard can make things easier by leading the user through the steps necessary to collect the information. Thus, you can specify which Java versions are compatible with the program you are distributing. Likewise, it is possible to identify the supported operating system architecture. One of the greatest advantages of this tool is that it can create Java applications that can run not only from the console or with its own graphic user interface but also as a service.

Additionally, there are a series of wizard steps that let you configure the resulting program to show a splash screen or minimize to the System Tray by default. Likewise, you can prevent various instances of the same application to run. To ensure proper distribution, the executable file can include the source files along with the necessary libraries. Fortunately, they can be encrypted to deter theft. Also in relation to intellectual property protection, you can include such information as program version and developer.

When tested, Jar2Exe Wizard worked as expected most of the times. However, it seems to have problems converting JavaFX applications. In spite of this possible drawback, the tool seems perfect for Java developers who wish to distribute their programs in a friendlier way.

Pedro Castro
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  • The resulting binary file can automatically find Java Runtime Environment on the host computer without user intervention
  • Creates programs for various operating systems
  • Creates Java applications that run as services
  • Encrypts contents


  • Problems converting JavaFX applications
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